Algarve, Portugal

Portugal. Divided into two.

Part 1. The Algarve Coast. Located South of Lisbon the Algarve coast, is known for it’s coastline that stretches over 100 miles. Anyone who loves the beach, surf and warm weather will fall for these lands. Home-base: Lagos. Lagos is one of the most visited cities in the Algarve due to it’s tourist friendly beaches, bars, restaurants (caipiroskas, yes please!) and hotels. The whitewashed architecture, cobblestoned streets and historical landmarks set on miles and miles of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, make this place nothing but irresistible.

Stay: We managed to stay a little outside the hustle in a early 1900’s beach house that we booked though AirBnB. We were traveling in April. Spring in Portugal is right before the busy season. Our house was easy to book and the town and beaches hadn’t reached that crowded, un-maneuverable point (hence the positive experience!).

Venture: Day trip toward Sagres. Country side, beaches, surf and more beaches and surf.

Eat: Finding good food is not difficult in Portugal. Explore. Eat a lot of pastries. And meat.
And I’ll tell you what. If you manage to follow the “venture” suggestion, be sure to find Pizza Pazza. Located in the little village of Pedrelva, Pizza Pazza is a hidden gem with crispy pizza and stare worthy country views.


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