Beachtown I Our Backyard

Born and raised Ventura. Yep, I coined the phrase, “biggest small town in California”. It’s a tiny beachtown. Everyone knows everyone. There’s only a handful of bars to attend (I thought if I said “attend” I would sound more sophisticated). I eat at the same restaurants weekly. Kevin Costner comes to town and we’ve closed the streets. I’m not going to tell you all the annoyances I’ve got about this beachtown. And most importantly I do not want to persuade you to move here.

Eh hem.
However, I love this town. I’m not moving. I’m not going anywhere. I can surf in the morning, eat a burrito, and be in the mountains in an hour. And that is exactly what we did.
Our Backyard:
8:00 am Lil’ surf session.
9:00 Work. Somebody’s gotta!
3:00 Backyard departure.
3:30 pm Quick little skate. Ojai, California.
4:15 Ice pack purchase. *Shinner (see below description).
4:45 Tunnel skate.
5:30 Watering Hole. Los Padres National Forest.
8:00 Grub. Farmer and the Cook, Meiners Oaks, California.

Photography: Scott Soens
Skating and water holing: Andrew Jones
Andrew is looking steezey in Wetsand Brand tees and hats. Click HERE for more info.

* Shinner
skateboard slang – when the skateboard hits you in the shin… usually not a big deal but hurts like you-know-what for a few minutes. imagine if someone just walked up to you and whacked your shin with the edge of a skateboard… it ain’t fun, and it leaves a big purple mark on your leg. after 4 or so years of skating your legs should look like cobblestones, but it’s all good cause now you are a good skater.


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