Big Big Sur Love

Big Sur Love. The biggest love I have goes to the following: Family, friends, the ocean, pizza and of course Big Sur. Cold in the winter, crowded in the Summer, ideal in the spring and fall. Big Sur has a surreal quality that you can see year round. Hike, surf, drink some Whiskey and bring yourself back to the things that really make you happy.

Stay: Kirk Creek, Limekiln, Paskett Creek, Treebones

Eat: Who doesn’t love camp food? Eggs in the same pan you cooked your bacon in. Tri Tip and Beans. The glory of Big Sur is that you can do a daytime exploration up the coast and grab a bite during your journey. Try Nepenthe or Big Sur Bakery. Your “Camp budget” won’t love the stop but your taste buds will thank you!

Wild Child: The Esalen Institute is closed to the public. However you can visit their hot springs at 2am with a reservation. Hard to stay awake when you are camping, but plan ahead, make a reservation and stay away from the whiskey bottle for one night.

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