A California Weekend

California Style. We try (or do we?) but, not too hard. I want to easily go from the beach straight to happy hour. I like the freedom of making quick decisions without having to run home saying,

I should change.

Yep! I’m one of those girls. Are there any rules? Sure are. If I were to guess, the rules might go something like this; short shorts go with everything (and all year ’round), bare shoulders work best, keep an extra pair of flowy pants handy so you can go straight from your beach towel to the plein aire dinner destination, stack jewelry like there’s no tomorrow and, always add fringe.
-Stephanie Plomarity

Photography by Stephanie Plomarity for a Wetsand Collaboration Photoshoot. Hair and Makeup by Casey Robinson. All of these looks can be found in our Online Store.

About the Photographer: Hailing from the Midwest, Stephanie’s career has led her to Chicago, New York, London and California, where her roots are currently laid. After landing in Los Angeles, it became clear her heart was headed a bit north to the ‘come as you are/choose your own adventure’ town of Ventura. Since settling in, she’s been hard at work photographing people and their varied passions. Her recent projects range from shooting local haunts and their captains, fashion in all forms, Patagonia® Ultrarunning ambassadors achieving great feats of human strength and endurance, portraiture, and the details of the environment around her home and travels.


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