Inspiration I Vintage Beachwear II

Beach lifestyle and surf culture over years past is so captivating. It’s exciting to see so many influences from vintage beachwear: the surf scene, film, photography and fashion have all given a little flavor to our bikinis, board shorts, wetsuits and daily beachwear. Photographers from the surf world, such as Ron Church meet fashion photographers like, Nina Leen in a tour of 1920’s to the 1960’s vintage beachwear.

2015 Surf culture - Vintage beachwear - Inspiration

Washington Tidal Basin Beauty Contest, August 5, 1922. Misses Eva Fridell, 17, and Anna Niebel.

2015 Surf culture - Vintage beachwear - Inspiration

San Onofre, California, 1950. Photo: Loomis Dean

2015 Surf culture - Vintage beachwear - Inspiration

Lovers on the beach, 1936.

1. Three friends looking out to sea while relaxing on a beach, 1934. Photo: Chaloner WoodsLovers on the beach, 1936.
2. New York beach day, 1940.
3. Striped beach fashion, 1950. Photo: Nina Leen
4. Mama and her boys on the beach doing vintage beachwear best.
5. Woman in a bikini in France, August, 1951. Photo: Robert Capa
6. Loretta Young, 1930’s.
7. Puerto Rico World Contest, Rincon, 1968. Photo: LeRoy Grannis
8. WindanSea Surf Club Mike Burner, Butch Van Artsdalen, Rusty Miller, Bill David and Billy Caster pose after winning the paddle relay team contest. 1963 West Coast Surfing Championships, Huntington Beach. Photo: Ron Church
9. Tanned model is wearing striped denim bare-backed overalls. Miami, Florida, March 1955. Photo: Nina Leen
10. Dancing by day to music of a portable radio. Most of them stayed at Balboa Beach for four or five days, 1947 Photo: Peter Stackpole
11. Denmark 1930’s Photo: Sven Turck
12. Spring break in Southern California, 1947. Photo: Peter Stackpole
13. Riding a wave near La Jolla, these surfers get set for a half-mile, 40-mph glide to shore, 1950. Photo: Loomis Dean
14. Marion Heatherly, 24, wife of a La Jolla, California lifeguard at WindanSea Cove. Photo: Loomis Dean
15. Carol Schuldt, “The Queen of Ocean Beach”. Photo: Loomis Dean

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