Inspiration I Surf Shack

Surf Shack. Alright, alright, maybe not so much of a “shack” as a curated, beach inspired home. I’m inspired by the contrast of clean and kitschy. Simple and eclectic. There really in no method to this visual flavor. Whether you live at the beach or desert, California or Sweden the glue that joins these mix of styles is that light and airy, nature driven influence.


design Inspiration - Beach house - desert pool

Desert Swim: Stock Tank in the Rocks Photo: BigBang Studio

design Inspiration - Beach house - ferns

Matti and Megan of Far Out Flora used to collect driftwood on Ocean Beach to create these Staghorn Fern plaques.

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  1. 1. The home of Hillary and Aaron Amborn, Central Coast California Photo: Shannon Menzel
    2. Amborn home surf shack artwork by Hillary herself, Shannon Menzel and Randy Noborikawa. Photo: Shannon Menzel
    3. Rocky Barnes beach dwelling.
    4. The home of Pilar Munoz and Pepe Islas in Mexico City.
    5. It’s all in the details. The home of Pilar Munoz and Pepe Islas in Mexico City.
    6. The home of Shayne Allen in Palm Beach, Sydney Australia.
    7. Backyard bungalow deck inspiration.
    8. The Amborn surf shack. Photo: Shannon Menzel
    9. Marine, a French stylist for Vogue Magazine.
    10. Acapulco chairs in Punta De Mita, Mexico. Photo: shannon
    11. A simple mix of ethnic textiles and found objects. Photo: Unknown
    12. Loose Leaf in Collingwood. Photo: Sean Fennessy
    13. An inviting space. Photo: Unknown
    14. Woven bucket beach chairs. Photo: Unknown
    15. Smitten studio space. Photo: Sarah Sherman Samuel
    16. Weekend snapshot Photo: Elsie Larson
    17. The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Photo via Ace Hotel
    18. Deck house by Assadi + Pulido in Chile.
    19. Woven Hammock love. Photo: unknown
    20. Outdoor movie night. Photo: unknown
    21. A Santa Monica beachy dream via Old Brand New Blog.
design Inspiration -Montauk, New York. Chandelier Surf Shack

Chandelier Surf Shack in Montauk, New York.

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