Surf Style I Put a Lid on it

Put a lid on it:


Stop washing your hair so much.
Put away the curling iron.
Steal your boyfriends headwear.
Borrow your girlfriends hat.
Look like a boss.
Shade your money maker from those harmful UVs.
Sweat in it. Beat it up. Do work.
Get your beach lifestyle and surf style game perfected.
Find out what”sexy tomboy” means.

Fu$% it, I’m wearing a hat today.

Surf LIfestyle - Inspiration Headwear

Inspiration Headwear – Brixton

Inspiration Headwear Photo: Whitney Turner

Inspiration Headwear Photo: Whitney Turner

Hats make you feel good. When you have a bad hair day or you want to pick up your style a notch, put a lid on it! For our superb selection of men’s and women’s headwear visit our online store!

Photos are a collection of the following:
Scott Soens
Chris Delorenzo
Whitney Turner
And a few found images

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