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It is good for the soul when there’s not a soul in sight.

Willie Nelson

Swarming cities combusting with over stimulating craziness can ironically be the most dulling places to exist. The places where we don’t look into the eyes of passing strangers are the ones where we numb part of our spirits.

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Anna Ehrgott – Nature In – Chris DeLorenzo

It is running through high grass that awakens a lust to be living. It is the solitude that allows the brain to function without haze. It is in watching the sky slowly darken and polka dot itself with stars that we understand the importance of the stillness that our minds need before sleep.

Love seems essential to happiness, to care deeply about something. Can the love we find deep in a mossy forest or in a breath of crisp clean air sustain that?

Not all soul mates are lovers and not all soul mates are people. Who’s to say a person can’t feel intertwined with the Y-shaped seat in the highest branches of an oak tree, or that we can’t feel giddy while swimming along the sea floor, or that the view from the peak of a mountain is less than eternal.

I feel young again every time I watch a wild animal go about its day. I feel adoration and respect and anything else I would seek to find within love. I find every thing I need just past the gates of tall trees and the garden of natural world. Everything we need is there; food, water, shelter and inspiration. The natural world is dwindling, and if you see no value in it, if nothing else, save us greenies the pain of heartbreak and treat our loved ones with respect.

Nature into something, there’s nothing we need to change or alter. Maybe it just takes some time and willingness to understand it. I think that’s fair.

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Anna Ehrgott – Nature In – Chris DeLorenzo

Beachwear - Womens surf style

Anna Ehrgott – Nature In – Photography by Chris DeLorenzo

Words by Anna Ehrgott
Photography by Chris Delorenzo
Wetsand Surf Collaboration
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