Noborikawa. Try it.

Southern California-based Randy Noborikawa is one of those talented artists who can do 30 things better than you. As an artist, maybe you work hard at one medium, one style and are satisfied. Randy works in neon, fine art painting, Lenticular painting, graphics and other mixed-media projects.
I first met Randy when I was working as a graphic artist Roxy and him for Quiksilver. He was my mid morning and afternoon entertainment. A little coffee and a lot of laughing. All jokes aside, Randy is a stand up artist, surfer and creative genius.

Randy’s hand-painted Eric Christenson surfboards as well as his line of teeshirts, Caliboca, are available at Wetsand Surf shop and our Online store.¬†A select few of his surfboards and art will be shown this¬†Saturday, July 19th from 4-8 along with beer and wine and ALWAYS a good time.

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