Sandy Blonde

Kim Diggs.
Born and raised surfing and beach life-ing it in the Outerbanks, North Carolina. Kim’s a traveler, a free spirit. She’s a lover of all people and things. A positive light, everyday. And a true athlete.
When you first meet Kim, you’d think she’s a true California girl….until she says “ya’ll”. For the past 5 years, Kim spends a couple months out of the year in California, away from her East Coast dwellings. In her first year in Ventura, Wetsand managed to snatch her up to work in the shop. And the rest is history. Kim has become a part of our Wetsand family, working with her creatively through fashion, surfing and straight up having fun together (beers on the beach, sure why not!).
Be on the lookout for her surfing around Ventura County as well as her monthly “Field Notes” entries, Instagram posts and cute lil’ modeling photos in our Online Store.

Kim Wears:  Bikinis by Made by Dawn, Jewelry by Vanessa Mooney, Skirt by Raga

Photography: Scott Soens

Stylist: Shannon Menzel

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