Shaper Ryan Lovelace

Mr. Lovelace. Surf craft creator, innovator. But who really is the guy? Where in the world is he. What is he shaping. What influences him. What does he eat (just kidding). Mysterious.

Shaper Ryan Lovelace and his magical dog, Herbie, are based out of Wetsand’s neighboring town of Santa Barbara, California; a historical hotbed for design and creation. A variety of waves and local talent provide unending opportunities to explore, in physical form the boards he dreams of.

And what boards has Mr. Lovelace dreamt up? Here’s a little breakdown:
Piggyback – Loose and Drivey with lots of hold and the ability to connect long, drawn out lines.
Rabbits Foot – Ryan’s ongoing Finless project. Originally conceived by Dan Malloy. (see Tea Time with Rabbits)
SB Stub – Classic hull outline and foil with a few tweaks for more release and positivity.
Evening Star – Inspired by a garage-sale-found-Skip Frye from back in the day. Super Glide!
Baby Brick – Simmons style nugget. Skatey and quick.
The Thruoughtful – A hull made for reef waves. Wide point nearly centered, added curve in the tail rocker and more down-turned rails.
v.Bowls – dun dun dun…Ryan’s most popular shape. Templated with Wayne Lynch’s Evolution board in mind; and using thin, modern rails with lots of hard edge and tail. A shift behind-center for the rocker apex and the widepoint create a super shredable midlength for all kinds of conditions.

“Maybe I’ve just shaped 24 v.bowls in a week or two span and physically I’m spent; All of a sudden I see some new Rabbitsfoot video pop up that blows my mind, immediately my attention shifts and my enthusiam goes full tilt to that…Then all of a sudden Trevor needs a new Piggyback for a swell coming in two weeks. I have a million ways to stay intrigued and curious, and every time one cylinder starts to slow down another fires excitedly in its place – It’s been years and it never ceases to amaze me how fluid the transitions are; from midlengths to nuggety shortboards to longboards to finless experiments it never blinks”

Ryan’s process is about staying inspired; Building and living out of The Cosmic Collider, a 1948 Chevy shell-of-a-bus turned custom home, traveling (Europe needs Lovelace’s too!), learning, being creative, staying involved and most importantly pushing boundaries.

“It’s so easy in life to bend what you think is the way to live your life, to cut yourself short and do what you think everyone wants you to do.”

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In order of apperance:
Photo – Chris Delorenzo
Fabric inlay. Photo – Chris Delorenzo
Stringerless V. Bowls with fabric inlay and resin-panel dart detail
Trevor + 5’8 piggyback in the cold, glassy north
The Cosmic Collider
Piggyback + Trevor Gordon in the North. Photo – Jeremy Koreski
Mr. Lovelace, himself. Photo – Ryan Heywood

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