Surf Europe: Basque is Best

My f*#king phone is in the overhead compartment.


Nobody told me flying into the San Sebastian airport was like, the most beautiful thing on the earth.
Note to self.
Duly noted.
Take notes.

Basque Country
The land of beaches, waves, surf, food, wine, Pintxos (think European happy hour), beautiful people, mesmerizing accents. Topless beaches. We had no agenda, no plans. No recommendations. And you know what? Life works out just fine in Basque Country. Everywhere you go is perfection.

San Sebastian – Historic city on the beach. We stayed in a little apartment Downtown (Thank you Airbnb!). Hungry? Walk out your front door for the best cafes. Hot? The beach is um, right there. We ended up at Playa de la Zurriola every day.The waves were about 4ft. and glassy. Yes please and thank you! Take a hike to The Man (Statue of Jesus). Buy your new favorite Leather wallet. Eat at Borda Berri. I’m not kidding when I say I’ll fly to Spain right now to have one of everything on the menu. Right now.

Surf Travel

2014 Surf Travel – Basque country – Europe

Hondarribia – Pulled into this quirky little town for a one nights stay at The Paradore: castle turned hotel. The hotel is in Spain overlooking France across the bay. The Pintxos in this town are unreal. Ate cream stuffed mushrooms. Drank 6 glasses of wine. Met a french traveling circus. The rest is fuzzy.

Biarritz – France. I’m completely lost. 1 hour north from San Sebastian and suddenly the loss of communication has set in. Spanish: Yes. French: No. Fog, communication breakdown, stormy seas. The sudden urge to drink a lot and go shopping has taken over; and this city provided. First stop last stop and all around must visit store: French California. I wanted everything. Not because the products are on-point AND locally made, but hot-damn they know how to merchandise. Hmm. How about an espresso and champagne? What a combo! Ventilo Caffé served us our new favorite combo with a “I don’t speak your language but I still think you’re cool, smile.”

Another week passes by…The Basque Country has shown us a good time. I step on the tiny airplane with a tan and a little bit of anxiety (phone in the overhead, again!). Not ready to leave….

But one more stop: PORTUGAL ROUND: 2!


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