Surf Photography I Scott Soens

I met Scott Soens in about 2008 through mutual friends, the Malloy brothers. He had been working with the Malloy’s over the years doing surf photography.  We’ve shared a few laughs and a lot Beers (Tecate’s, eh hem!) at BBQ’s, log sessions and music gatherings. We have recently had the luxury (think Mercedes Spinter meets professional photographer) of working with Scott on a few personal photo shoots for Wetsand. Working with Scott is like getting the golden ticket. His creative eye, easygoing personality and raw talent are inspiring. Be on the look out for more collaborations to come!
-Shannon Menzel

“The green water of the Atlantic Ocean pumps through his heart. The soft tones of a Mid-Atlantic summer would shape his vision of the world. The sharp contrasts of a cold winter would make him appreciate living. He was trained in the photographic and cinematic arts at the University of Miami. In a comfortable employment position at a critical moment in life, he dropped everything and0 like so many explorers and dreamers before him- he went West.”
-Pat Rafter

Scott’s “Trophy Shelf”:
2001 ESPN Action Sports Award Best Sports Film “Hallowed Ground” (Director/Cinematographer) 2001 Surfer Poll Award, Best Cinematography “Shelter”
2006 Surfer Poll Award, Best Cinematography “Secret Machine”
2009 Surfer Poll Award, Best Cinematography “The Present”
2011 Surfer Poll Award, Best Cinematography “Come Hell or High Water”
2011 Surfer Poll Award, Best Cinematography “Year Zero”

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