Surf Style I The Kids are alright.

Meet surfer and naturally beautiful, Anna Ehrgott.
Meet steezy Photographer Chris Delorenzo.
Who are these kids?
Free spirits. Lover of the outdoors. Motivators, innovators, creators. They set the tone for great surf style.

Anna Ehrgott is a 22 year old native Californian, soul surfer, and founder and creator of Sagebrush board bags. Her board bags are handcrafted with coffee bean sack, upcycled and vintage fabrics. They can be found in our online store, where Anna is also a model for Wetsand! Dang girl!

I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors. It started off as a love for hiking, camping, being around boats and spending lots of time road tripping down to Baja. I was 8 when I started surfing. Nothing seemed to be as pure and simple as surfing. I’m 22 now and still feel the same way about being in the water. I find adventure and fun in straying away from having any type of routine. I like the excitement of being somewhere new and doing something different every week; surfing, hiking, camping, sewing, and photography.

Surf lifestyle - California

The Kids are alright. Anna Ehrgott. Photo: Chris Delorenzo

Chris DeLorenzo is a 19 year old photographer, born and raised in New Jersey. Now residing in California, Chris is getting his hands in the lifestyle and beauty that the West coast has to offer. Chris seamlessly captures the aesthetic and lifestyle that encompasses both of these cultures with a visual emphasis on movement, light and athleticism.

I tend to find inspiration from pieces of art more often than the artists themselves. I think that mixing inspiration across mediums helps me stay original.Pulling ideas from color pallets in paintings and composition in posters helps me produce completely unique images.

Surf lifestyle - California

Photo: Chris Delorenzo

Anna and Chris teamed up for a little Wetsand surf style inspired photo shoot. Anna is wearing items that can be found in our Online Store.


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