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Like the light of morning, it approached so quickly. My bags were packed and I was out the door by 6am headed to LAX. An adventure, I thought. I was in desperate need of a change of pace and a new location. It must be the artist in me, but just a few things excite me more than getting into an airplane and traveling to a location, unknown of what will lie ahead. The life of a true artist is that way; unknown of possibilities, work, excitement. It’s a very wild way to live, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I boarded my plane, and in six hours I would be in Maui.  Anticipation made the flight go by quickly as I daydreamed of life on the island. I watched out of my window as the vast ocean preoccupied my thoughts.
Time had passed. We had landed. I grabbed my bags, left the airport, and headed onto my first adventure: Paia Beach.

As I passed through the quaint town, my eyes were wandering. It was adorable, small and if you were to blink you would have missed it. It gave me the best feeling. It oddly felt like home. I pulled up to my beach cottage at Mama’s Fish House and the first thing I noticed was how incredible all of the plants were. Flowers and greens surrounded me everywhere. It was so refreshing from our current drought in California. The tropical rain was constant, light enough to barely notice. There is something about the fresh air there that makes you breathe in a little deeper. I grabbed my camera and went to explore the quiet beach in front of me. Looking up, palm trees swayed back and forth. Ahead, the water was crisp and clear. I put my toes in the ocean, and for the first time in a while, it was hard to tell the difference from the air. I could get used to not wearing a wetsuit, I thought. I snapped some photographs and headed back to watch the sunset and then over to Mama’s for some incredible food. Every single thing I ate there over the next three days was absolutely incredible. I was never disappointed. Walking back to the cottage, the moon was bright and the view in front of me looked like a scene from a movie. I was so happy to be here. I headed to bed early knowing tomorrow would be full of excitement and new adventures.

Waking up seemed to be so easy while on the island. Every morning I was up by 6am, drinking tea and eating fresh mango, just blissing over the beauty around me.  Over the next three days while in Paia, I ventured the North Shore, went hiking to Twin Falls, took some fun photos and explored the town. Wednesday, I headed to Wailea, where I would be for the remainder of my seven more days in paradise. My first night there I met up with good friends that lived close by. We ate local poke and watched the sunset at Big Beach, sneaked into an oceanfront pool and jacuzzi (which we had all to ourselves!), and just laughed and talked about everything and nothing at the same time. I remember floating in the pool looking up at the stars. There were so many, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a beautiful view that we don’t get to see too often, so clear.

The last few days, I took the time to relax and unwind. Running along coast, sitting on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and finding quiet, unpopulated places to think. I was able to go paddle boarding early one morning, taking out my camera and photographing the beauty, a couple of hundred feet from shore. A light tropical storm had hit, but only lasted a day. This included mild winds and rain, yet everywhere else around the island was getting hit a little harder. I was in the lucky pocket of paradise. The day before I had to head home, I met up with my friend, Jax. We went to Black Sand Beach for a photo shoot and to say our good-byes or rather, ‘until next time’. She dropped me off and that afternoon I explored the countryside, the well-known lavender fields and Maui’s winery.  I couldn’t believe that just four miles up, the climate was completely different: somewhat chilly, almost always rainy, and foggy. It was a beautiful place to escape to.  As my last day approached, I was not ready to leave. I was so visually inspired, I could have kept this trip going full speed. I even thought about ways to stay, but I knew I had to get back home. The morning of my trek home, I had one last goodbye with the warm ocean. I went running along the coast and headed straight into the ocean in all of my running clothes. It was liberating. I wanted to stay in that moment forever. I packed my things later that morning, and back to California I went. I knew that I would be here again, very soon. Until then, I am left with incredible memories and I can still feel the air on my skin.
I will see you soon, Maui. But I must continue my adventures.

To New York and Nashville I shall go.

x Taylr Anne

Taylr Kreutziger was born and raised from salt and sand.  The ocean is her home and inspiration. Follow her through her travels in the Wetsand X Taylr collaboration, The Drifters Collective.

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