Off the Beaten Path: The Malloy Brothers

Following in the footsteps of their father, the Malloy brothers have been blazing trails off the beaten path since before they knew how to stand up on a surfboard. Their love of adventure has brought them to remote beaches all over the globe, earned them spots at the top of the competitive surfing world, and fueled their endless exploration.

Surf Lifestyle The Malloy Brothers


I first met Chris, Keith and Dan Malloy around the year 2000 in Ventura, California. They took me in as a little sister and influenced me with not only their passion for surfing, but their outdoor lovin’, hardworking yet full of life and laughter lifestyle.

Basically everything we do now is something our dad taught us or took us to do for the first time, whether it be surfing, fishing, spearfishing, hunting. I think there’s just definitely an attraction to being off the beaten path, and he taught us that. It’s kinda of amazing how one person can influence you.

The Malloy brothers are living a very real life. Life as it should be with family and friends. Rawness and hardwork. Laughter and love. Thank you to the brothers for always supporting and influencing our Wetsand family!

Surf Lifestyle The Malloy Brothers

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Cover Photo: Scott Soens

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