Who is thump drums?

Andrew Jones. Otherwise known as Thump Drums. Otherwise known as Jenkins.

He’s been a vital part of Wetsand, supporting our family over these long years. So let’s shine the light back on this devilishly handsome goofball so you can get to know the man in front of the Wetsand camera, behind the drumset and the feature of Saint Archer Brew’s video Work Hard & Drink Beer.

2015 Surf Lifestyle - Who is Thump Drums - Andrew Jones

Photo: Scott Soens

Do you consider yourself a local here in Ventura?
I consider myself from Philadelphia, even though i was born in Sellersville PA and grew up in east Greenville. I moved to Ventura my freshman year of high school in the summer of 1997. So I’m feeling a little old right now. And I’m also feeling that I was molded in Ventura. My Philly roots will never die though!

How did you become interested in drums?
My best friend growing up, Daniel Reinhart, had a drum set that he never really played.

I was obsessed with it, but i wasn’t allowed to touch it, kind of like the movie Step Brothers (although i never tea bagged it).  I would have to lock myself in his room just to jam on it!

From then on I never lost the enjoyment of hitting drums! I didn’t get my own drum set until i was about 17 and I haven’t stopped playing since.

Thump Drums - Scott Soens

How did you get into making drums?
One of my first jobs ever was working for Jason McCaffery and Fletcher Chouinard at FCD surfboards (Patagonia).  I learned about fiberglass and construction of surfboards and enjoyed the process and materials. I thought about the possibility of using fiberglass to make a round drum, never even knowing if anyone had ever tried it. Needless to say,  it worked and ended up really impressing me, look and sound wise.  I showed it to my friend and favorite drummer, Zach Hill from Hella/Deathgrips. He showed interest, so i made him one and i never lost the love for making them. They are my art, and they sound amazing!

Thump Drums - Scott Soens

Thump Drums Kit. Photo: Scott Soens

Let’s hear a little bit about the origins of Hy Brazil.
Well, Hy Brasil is my new band. It’s formed from members of my old band, Rey Fresco,  plus a great singer/frontman from another old band i was involved with Gypsy Deathstar, with a nice healthy sprinkle of new guitar sounds from a new guitar player, Nikolaus. I thoroughly enjoy making sounds with Hy Brasil. We all believe in ourselves and our music, and are ready for the world to hear us!

Thump Drums - Scott Soens

Hy Brasil

What are your top favorite places to eat in Ventura?
My mom’s house, Rice by Mama, The Cave, Cuernavaca, Pizza man Dan’s and In-N-Out. Duh.

How did you get involved in Saint Archer ?
I met Josh Landan at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch several years ago after I had seen him at a Rey Fresco show. He quickly mentioned the beer company he was working on starting. At our lunch he presented the idea of Saint Archer, the people behind it, the branding and the story. I loved the idea, the look, and the people behind it. I couldn’t believe he wanted me to be a part. I’m forever grateful for Josh, his family and the whole Saint Archer crew. I can’t believe what it has done in 3 short years, and am excited for the future.

2015 Surf Lifestyle - Who is Thump Drums - Andrew Jones

Who’s your favorite surfer in Ventura?
My favorite and most underrated surfers are, Keoni Cuccia, Brek Reynolds (Dane’s brother…Dane’s cool too) and Dan Malloy. Sorry Chris and Keith, I only like regular footers!

Tell me a day and life of Jenks? On a Tuesday?
These days, I’m probably painting an apartment or house for Hotsteppers Paint crew. Get off around 5pm or 10pm, then I’ll maaaaaybe go surfing. Only if its good.  If its not good I’ll skateboard.  At night I’ll most likely be at the Dublab trying to finish up this new EP for Hy Brasil!

How many tattoos do you have?
6 on my left arm? 2 on my chests, 1 on each knee, and 1 big unraveling yarn ball on my whole entire right arm. So…20?

What do see yourself doing in 3 years? 6 years? 15 years?
I see myself enjoying life and laughing my little butt off in 3 years and in 6 years. Hopefully in 15 years I’m still laughing and trying to make the world a better place.  Thump Drums, surfing, skateboarding, and Hy Brasil will definitely be a vital part of them all!

2015 Surf Lifestyle - Who is Thump Drums - Andrew Jones

Photos: Scott Soens

Feel complete? Want to hear more? Get your Hy Brasil on HERE!
– Shannon Menzel


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